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Prof. Dr. Ibnu Sina Chandranegara, S.H., M.H.


Started his legal practice in Indonesia since 2011. He completed his doctoral degree at the Faculty of Law, Gadjah Mada University in 2018 and became a Professor at the Faculty of Law, Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta with concentrations in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Legislation, and International Law. In addition, Ibnu Sina also works as a Lawyer under the Membership of the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi).


Practice Focus

With his extensive knowledge, keen insight, and practical hands-on approach, he is widely recognized as a leading lawyer in constitutional and administrative cases and litigation. He is highly experienced in constitutional and legality review cases, constitutional rights violation cases, state institution dispute cases, national and regional election cases, and administrative litigation at the Constitutional Court and the State Administrative Court. However, he is well known as a political advisor due to his high knowledge in political systems and methods around the world. As a lecturer, he holds several important courses in several law faculties, including: Political Science, Constitutional Law, Legal English, Procedural Law of the Constitutional Court, Natural Resources Law, Land Law, and International Law.

Ibnu Sina has written frequently and has such as Ultra Petita on Constitutional Review: Shortcut to Justice, Emergency Law Review and Constitutional Dispute Between State Organs, Constitutional Court on Comparatives: Indonesia, USA, and Austria Experience, and many more.

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