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Lead by Example, Experience Makes Us Better

Jurist Resia & Co is a business entity established as a Limited Liability Company under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. We operate in the field of legal services and legal research.

Jurist Resia & Co is led by Dr. Ahmad Redi, S.H., M.H., M.Si., an individual with over a decade of experience in the legal world. Dr. Redi has acted as an independent legal expert in various court proceedings in Indonesia.

Years of Experience

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Science-based Solutions

Jurist Resia & Co is ready to assist clients by identifying legal issues and the associated risks they face. We provide guidance on appropriate legal actions, along with evaluations based on relevant considerations. Additionally, we explain the various positive laws applicable in Indonesia. Most importantly, we approach clients’ legal problems with professionalism grounded in expertise. This allows us to transform legal challenges into opportunities and new goals for our clients.

Our team of professionals at Jurist Resia & Co is dedicated, professional, and committed to integrity, quality, and innovation. We base our legal practices on the best practices relevant to legal matters, whether related to substance, material, or formalities. With a high level of commitment, we efficiently assist businesses and solve legal issues for our clients.


Broad Perspective for Every Unique Case

Every case is unique, and its uniqueness can only be seen from different perspectives. At Jurist Resia & Co, we utilize various viewpoints to assist clients in resolving their legal issues.

This personalized approach fosters a strong trust relationship between Jurist Resia & Co and each client. For us, maintaining robust trust requires a blend of professionalism, humanity, and sustainability—a fundamental value at Jurist Resia & Co.

Jurist Resia & Co is committed to providing legal assistance and equitable solutions for corporate and commercial legal matters in Indonesia, adhering to both national and international standards.

Core Values That Set Us Ahead

Implement legal services wholeheartedly.

Implement legal services by providing solutions to legal problems.

Provide legal services professionally in accordance with the expertise, knowledge and skills possessed.

Provide legal services by being consistent between what is said and done.

Providing legal services with high quality.

Providing legal services responsibly and seriously.

Provide legal services with new applications and ideas.

Providing legal services by realizing the direction of progress and leading to improvements.

Implement legal services by producing success.

Provide legal services precisely and carefully.

Our Client

From government to private sector, individuals and companies, large and developing businesses, we always provide the best.

Our Recognition

This achievement confirms our commitment to providing legal services that are not only professional, but also innovative and effective.

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Jurist Resia & Co is a business entity established in the form of a limited liability company under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia which operates in the field of legal services and legal research centers.

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